Monday, July 26, 2010

Well, I've been back from my family trip to Vermont. It was a fun time!
It was so wonderful to watch Olivia enjoy the same things I did as a child- Buttermilk Falls, climbing parts of Okemo Mountain, talking on the deck, and most importantly, spending good family time together! We also went kayaking, and she even helped out several times paddling (well, if you call paddling only on one side of the kayak while papa uses his hands to help propel!). My dad pointed out the pink water lilies, and we got in for a close look. My dad says they are more rare than the yellow and white ones. I have to say, they were beautiful! And, since pink is someone specials favorite color, they were her favorite, too!
I have two images in particular stuck in my head, one of those freeze frame moments you will always remember: one, Olivia running as fast as she can down the lane by my sisters house, hair loosely put in a braid and her pink ballerina skirt flying!; second,and maybe the most precious, is Olivia in her new fairy dress that Aunty Kitty bought her leading the way up the mountain. I am quite positive that she is the only girl to climb a mountain in a fairy dress. Her back was to me, and just the way she moved as she was going, her hair, the lighting, and the sheer beauty of the mountain, singed the image in my brain for me to recall to her when she is older.
So yes, I am back, and really, happy to have more fond memories of my family. I am also happy to be home.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Change is in the air

Change is definitely in the air.
Some great, some not so great, but all good. After all, change is how we as humans grow.
Change for me is I am starting, once again, a renewed awakening of spirituality. I have to. Why? It helps me see things in a much different light. It helps me along my path of growth. I am choosing the path of using my head and not my emotional self. In healing, that is I am using my crown chakra and not my solar plexus chakra.
There are things changing in my salon- all will be good.
And I will be opening up myself for changes in my life as they unfold.
I release all the obstacles that are hindering my path, my growth, for they are just that- obstacles, just things in the way. Remove the things in your way and you can attain your goals, your path, your growth, your true self.
I am choosing the right path.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Welcome to the jungle!!

Sometimes I wonder what people would think if they came to my home. Would they think, "Jesus, some crasy a-- person lives here!" Or, "oh, this guy loves animals" or "all the artwork on the walls are originals". I think it would totally depend on when I would get visitors! You see, I do love animals and art, and as we all know, I L-O-V-E LOVE my daughter! So, if someone would to come mid week, and the pets are inside, this is what would happen: DING DONG, WOOF WOOF WOOOF WOOOOOF WOOOOOOF! ASPEN, BE QUIET! GRAB THE CAT, MAKE SURE SHE DOESN"T GET OUT! Oh, hi!" Followed by "Oh, it isn't always this crazy (yeah, right, I would be thinking to myself)" Don't mind the hairballs, let me wipe off a part of the sofa for you to sit down on, and do you want something to drink? Papa, Aspen just kissed me with his tongue! No, Aspen, NO! It's alright, Olivia, you won't get germs from his kiss. He is just saying he loves you! But I don't want him to kiss me! His breathe is stinky! Then I would get you a drink, and wish I had one, like a glass of wine!
So, lets say someone visits me on, lets say, Tuesday of the following week, and I knew you were coming over. "DING DONG. (insert quitude here, cuz the dogs are out in the back yard getting into trouble, no doubt!). I answer the door, probably holding Olivia's cat, "HI!" You'll notice that I cleaned, smells good, man, Patrick really has it together. "Come on in!"
I have to say, I was raised in a household of 6 kids, and loved every moment of it! We had all kinds of pets of one kind or another (thanks, mom, for not "accidently" letting any go!), from snakes to rabbits and cats and dogs and birds. I had to wait for my mom to be at work before I would let my parakeet, Toby, out for some "exersize", because my mom had/has a fear, no, a phobia, of flying birds. She also doesn't like little animals with beady eyes... ANYWAY, what I am trying to say by taking the scenic route, is that I wouldn't have it any other way! I love the so many things going on at once, it is something I have grown up with. When Olivia is gone, it gets quiet... sooo quiet that I check and make sure she isn't playing in her room... it is almost like phantom limb syndrome, but with a child. Phantom Child Syndrome? Does that even exist?
So, this week I will clean, get ready for our road trip out East (something we did as children, and something Olivia is going to do for the first time), and rejoice in all things crazy and quiet, for this is my life.