Friday, April 27, 2012

Often I wake up in the middle of the night and look in on my daughter sleeping soundly, and think to myself how perfect my little life is.

Monday, April 16, 2012

First time for everything!

Spring is, as we all know and have heard, a time for new beginnings. It is also a good time for firsts.
My daughter learned how to climb a tree this weekend, and now all she wants to do is climb trees! Yesterday she climbed an apple tree and maple tree in Michigan, and she climbed our old crabapple here at home in Chicago. She asked me what kind of trees I climbed as a boy- maples, boysenberry, oaks.... I climbed a few! It brought up some fond memories. It's like you get to relive your own childhood at times with your children, and I am thankful for that.
I started thinking about my firsts. My first day of school. My first kiss. My first apartment on my own. My first dog. Mostly all of these I smile about when I start to remember. It is very interesting to allow yourself to go back and focus on a first- really have some good time to just sit and remember. It's a cool mental exercise! (But know I don't advocate living in the past!)
So what about you? What are your firsts going to be this year?

Friday, April 13, 2012

Seeds and herbs and veggies- oh my!

All right, this is it. I am going to try to grow some herbs and veggies this year in whatever corner of my yard that has enough sun!

I mostly ordered seeds with my friend Julianna from an awesome source, Landreths Seed Co. We are giddy in excitement for their arrival! We are planning on nourishing ourselves with succulent veggies, flavoring our cooking with fresh herbs plucked from our own pots, and enjoying them knowing we raised them ourselves!

And of course my mind has been wandering as to WHAT ELSE I could possibly do for my family that would include growing things myself, and, well, much to the absolute horror of Layne, I've been thinking, you know, my back yard may actually be big enough for, lets say, three chickens! I've already checked out some of the urban chicken websites, and it seems pretty cool! I don't think it will go unnoticed though, so no sneaking in a few chicks... this one has to be carefully planned out! I've raised them before, once upon a time on our llama farm in Michigan, and it was so rewarding collecting eggs from "the girls", and giving the egg-cess (sorry for the pun!) to neighbors and friends back in Chicago was fun.

Would this be homesteading? In Chicago? Oh I don't know, but hopefully my enthusiasm for these new projects will be catchy!
And Jules, I am looking forward to our fish n chips dinner and talk of seeds as we ooh and ahh over the packets we'll be holding in our hands!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Today was the Chicago Garden Show, and Layne and I went. I have to say I am totally stoked for spring, and to get out and garden!
It was amazing seeing all the flowers, gazebo's, water features they had, not to mention the Market! Wahoo! It took every bit of restraint from buying bulbs, koi ( I don't even have a pond!!), and beautiful mounted butterflies (they collect them after they pass).
But one thing for sure, it got my brain going over my garden and what I am going to do with it! New flowers! A climbing hydrangea! Bushes and roses! Maybe I can squeeeeeeeeeeze in some boxwood!
Anyone have any favorite garden websites to share? If so, please do!
Happy spring fever to everyone! I got it BAD!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Well, it's late February and lately all I've been thinking about is cycles. Not as in "motorcycles", though those are very cool. Rather cycles in ones' life. Like how it is when we are young and can live/eat/play where ever whenever. And now that I am in my forties, how that has changed. I would rather live, and eat home MOST of the time (not always, though!) and play seems to happen for me more on weekends now if at all, which I am o.k. with.
Also what comes into question is our love cycles. Like, when we first meet someone, everything we see in that person is amusing, fun, good. Then after awhile, they can become, well, less than amusing. Sure, you still love that person, and then something magical happens- be it a glance, an action, a random touch- that brings it all back again. I have NEVER been fickle in love. On the contrary, I tend to try to make things work for sometimes much longer than that relationships cycle should have lasted. And why not try? Once I love someone, it is usually for life, no matter to what level I have shared with that person. I still love many of my ex's - not IN love with them, but once someone takes hold in my heart, the roots go very deep. I cherish that. I think it makes my life even more full. A few of my friends fill that same area in my heart.
And then there is the life cycle. A few weeks ago I visited my grandma in her nursing home. She has dimentia now. I was so excited toting my daughter to see her GREAT grandma. I told her about how grandma forgets from time to time, and how she'll repeat herself or ask you the same question. I think Olivia was just fascinated to see someone in her 90's! But I am not going to remember her as a 90 plus year old. I am going to remember her as the animated, good soda and ice cream mixer upper, honey and oatmeal facial wearing (every night!), and painter of L'Eggs panty hose eggs for Easter with great surprises in them grandma. And though I'm sure her husband, my grandpa, is patiently waiting for her on the other side to continue their journey's together, I am happy to be around for her last bit of time, her final cycle.
And life will go on to begin a new cycle

Thursday, February 9, 2012


All right, I confess, I am (not) a closet gardener! And when I got my seed catalog from D. Landreth Seed Company, I almost... well, lets just say, I got excited!! Landreth is the OLDEST seed house in America- since 1784 to be exact! It is chock full of history and heirloom veggies and fruit, as well as herbs. That's what I may use my flower boxes for this year- herbs!
And I've been thinking about my front yard, and how to plant it (and rearrange it) this spring. It's got to be kid friendly, as we play in the front yard in the summer. It has to be hardy (did I remember to water?), and also attractive. I look through landscape books for shrubs and plants for ideas.
And I also have my seed catalog. :)