Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Almost Turkey Time!

It's almost Thanksgiving!
Our house is getting prepared for our guests. I pulled the turkey (or simply "the bird" at it has been called by my mom) out of the freezer. I am told if it doesn't thaw fast enough to put it in water- good to know! Tomorrow evening it will be getting a brine bath so it will be tasty and moist.
I can't tell you how much I am looking forward to this holiday! It is one of the few that doesn't involve elaborate gifts; rather, it is about sharing a dinner, talking, and being thankful for whatever we all are thankful for. It is a time for family, those present around the table, those who may be having dinner at their own homes or in-laws, and also for remembering family that has passed.
This year is a little extra special for me: I am doing this with Layne. It will be our first Thanksgiving we've had together, and also our first Thanksgiving hosting! Olivia will be present of course, and she has the VERY IMPORTANT job of making the corn muffins. We will all have our hands full over the next few days as we clean, decorate and prep for this wonderful day!
So remember to be thankful, even if this past year has been trying. Be thankful for your health if you have it and all you hold dear, be it human, animal, or spiritual in nature.
If I don't post again soon, have a HAPPY THANKSGIVING!