Thursday, August 4, 2011

An old friend

Funny how things turn out.
About 15 years ago I really wanted a cat. It was something I really, really wanted. I went all over looking for the perfect kitten.
Well, as I was walking through a pet shop on Wells I couldn't help but notice this little brown kitten staring at me. As I walked closer she became animated, and starting reaching through the glass door for me. That cinched the deal!
I named her Mocha, after her brown color.
Mocha was a very special cat. She went to the multiple apartments we lived in, then when we moved to Michigan she moved with us, enjoying the sunshine and being a really good mouser!
She also was also there for multiple pet dogs I've been fortunate enough to have- Sashle, Claude, Luke, Jack... two of which enjoyed long lives, the others not so fortunate, but happy dogs nonetheless.
She also helped comfort me when I was going through a very emotional breakup.
When I moved back to Chicago, Mocha stayed in Michigan in a "loft apartment" that overlooked the llama pastures. I knew she was well cared for and loved, so that made things a little easier.
So a few days ago I hear that Mocha needs a home as the farm has taken a new direction and is going to be rented to weekenders and vacationers. It wasn't fair to Mocha to be left outside, so Bob asked if I could take her back and find a home for her. I say yes.
Now, we already have two cats, and wasn't sure how this will all settle. I am a bit nervous. I take her immediately to the basement and show her where the cat pan in and food and water. I leave her downstairs to figure things out. When I come back, I call her name and she comes up to me, purring and rubbing against my leg! I know she remembers... images of our past come and go through my mind... and I realize, Mocha is here to stay.