Thursday, June 23, 2011

I had a very thought provoking moment at the salon today.
I was doing one of my regulars, talking about relationships, guys (like we usually do- LOVE her!), and she told me of a man she calls her one true love. I asked her about him, because I was really interested. She takes great care of herself, looks great always, and is always put together. This took me by surprise, because I thought she would be with the man she calls her "one true love".
She tells me she can tell when he is going to call. She also knows when he is going to be around, almost to a psychic level. It really intrigued me! She said the reason it doesn't work is that he has adult children that he, for some reason, won't fully let grow up, and it gets in the way of them having a relationship. They had been together dating wise for a period of time, but it ended three years ago. I could tell the way she was talking about him that she really loves this guy. I told her she should tell him her feelings and lay it all out on the line.
It made me wonder, is there such thing as a "one true love"? Or can love be measured? And who do we use as the measure?