Monday, April 25, 2011

Although this past Sunday was Easter, we colored our Easter Eggs today.
It was so much fun, even though we used several colors a month ago (we couldn't wait!) and had three to use today!
We left some in a very long time, some not so long, and another batch right in between the two.
After the eggs dried, Olivia painted them. She had fun, and said this was the best day ever! And my sister Midge reminded me of us using the cracked eggs, too- and I remembered the cracks taking on more dye, and the egg whites being stained with whatever color bled through!
Coloring Easter eggs was always a fun thing to do growing up- we used PAAS dyes! I remember the box with the push out holes, the white crayon to make designs, and the transfer stickers that came in the box. Such fond memories! Definitely something we will always do in our household, too! It was always family time when it came to coloring the eggs, which SOMEHOW made it into our Easter baskets! Smart bunny! :)
I love hearing about others Easter traditions- so feel free to drop me a line and tell me yours!
Happy spring everyone!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Got a puppy or dog with a diahrea problem and can't get to the vet right away? I found a simple solution when Dixon started getting a little, uh, poopy!
Boil one package of ground chicken.
Make double the rice.
So, the mix is two parts rice and one part chicken. Mix them together.
For a medium/large size dog, give one teaspoon (that's all) of organic (if possible!) pumpkin. Not in the food, but mine loves licking it off the spoon!
Of course, take your dog into the vet if you think anything is wrong. This isn't a cure, but will definitely help with the poopies!
And, they love it!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Yes, I bemember when...

It's hard to believe that April is upon us. The daffodil's, tulips, and day lillys are popping up through the ground. A couple days of warm weather will make them grow even faster. The ancient crab apple in the front yard looks like it is going to bless us with many white and pink blossums again this year- I think of that tree as just too old and cranky to give up the ghost, though every year we seem to lose a major branch of it.
And then there is Olivia. This is going to be her fifth spring come May. For me, she is the most glorious flower I have ever helped "grow". Watching how she has grown from a wobbly toddler to someone that runs, turns corners quickly without falling... wow. And her laugh. That laugh that I sometimes want so badly to hear that I engage her in a game of "Tickle Monster". Every year is full of amazement. She is unfolding into the most amazing girl. We share the love of animals, of nature, art. And stories. It makes me happy to hear her start a sentence with "Papa, bemember when...." and she'll recall something from the past, sometimes right on, or sometimes with her own twist. She has a very healthy imagination, as most kids do, and I feel so priveledged to be a part of her life. My little flower.