Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Papa vs. "Lunchables"

I'm not sure how many parents out there still make lunch's for their kids, but count me as one. My friend Cathy in Michigan's sister-in-law was hired as a cook for a public school, and after she told me about the "passable for human consumption but barely" meats they put into our kids little systems, well, that was it for me!
Once my daughter could start eating, I tried really hard to feed her only organic foods. Whole Foods carries a line of baby food that she ate right up! That was an awesome time! Well, she started growing and experiencing more foods, and it sometimes isn't always possible to see what she eats when she is at the sitters or what have you. While she was at a certain sitters house who has some kids of her own, she was introduced to Lunchables. The little boy of the family ate that for his lunches, and, well, since I have a little girl, she wanted to eat what he ate, because I think she thought he was cool. Fast forward to preschool!
I have been guilty of packing Lunchables in a pinch, or because she requested that for lunch. But I mostly refrain in favor of more wholesome foods to put in her little belly.
So, I went to Trader Joes and picked up some organic chicken. The plan was to make "chicken fingers" (I never got that- chickens don't have fingers, or at least not the ones I used to raise) for dinner, and pack them for lunch the next day. She liked them so much for dinner, she requested them for lunch! I felt so proud of myself! I packed such a nice lunch for my little (growing) bundle of joy, complete with organic chicken fingers, delicious organic juices, apple, cottage cheese... Oh, I was so proud of myself! I have finally kicked the Lunchable habit square in the chops!
I pick her up from school, and I go right to her lunch box after I say my hello, and... and... she didn't even touch her chicken fingers. I felt deflated! So I asked why she didn't eat them, she said, "But I ate my cottage cheese!". Yes, you did, I said, and told her how proud I was of her good eating habits.
I told her we had to stop by the store on the way home for some (organic) mac-n-cheese. As we were going up and down the aisles, I noticed all the colorful packaging designed JUST FOR KIDS, and, well, ever read the back of those things?
As we were walking past the meat section, my speed increased, barely two wheels on the floor and my baby girl holding onto the plastic steering wheel of our "souped up to look like a racing car shopping cart", when, out of her beautiful little mouth, what did she see and shout? LUNCHABLES! I WANT LUNCHABLES FOR MY LUNCH TOMORROW, PAPA!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


I read on my friend Julianna's blog this morning a chinese proverb, and a part of it said with money, you can buy a house, but not a home. How true is that statement!
Last year I bought a house: this year, I live in a home. What happened? Life!
Little by little, things started happening. First, paint. That was it for awhile.
Then I started gardening, and taking care of what was there. I also planted a special little garden for my daughter. Originally, I had plans for "la petite Trianon" (from the "let them eat cake" phenom, Marie Antoinette!). Well, budget (oh, I HATE that word!)and, well, zoning, made me have a reality check.... but I digress. I started nesting big time. I have mostly original art on my wall from family and friends, and comfy furniture. And the spirits of my house, my pets. And some of you know, I am a big meditator, and I really think the "good vibrations" are taking hold this year, transforming my house into my home. Last year, my ancient crab apple bloomed in the front yard. This year, it really BLOOMED! Not only that, there is a robin couple making this years nest in it. I am honored! Last year, my lilac bush had several blooms on it- this year, I have a plethora of blooms!
Almost every morning, after my morning meditation, I'll pour myself a cup of coffee, sit on my big over sized chair, and look out my window at all the life that is going on, and take time to reflect on my own life. I take note of everything good ( and leave out the bad- don't want that energy to follow thought),and realize how blessed I am to have a home for my daughter and myself.

Saturday, April 24, 2010


I am very grateful to have a few, very close friends. They have helped me in my times of need with a listening ear when I needed to talk, a shoulder to cry on when my life came toppling down a few years ago, or a kind gesture. In many ways, I think our closest friends are what some call "soul mates", and they sometimes are to whom we confide in when we can't even talk to our partners or family about what is truly bothering us at the root cause. Why? Because the best of friends will always listen, aren't judgemental, and really want what is best for us. They will gently let us know what their take is without hurting us or our own sense of right or wrong.
I hope everyone out there has such friends. Who knows when you may need one, or better yet, be one. To my friends, I want to say I love you, and thank you.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Earth Day

My first post, and it is Earth Day!
I usually make a special trip to Home Depot on Earth Day. Why? BECAUSE they give you a little pine tree to take home and plant!
I think that is great! Alas, this years pilgrimage became a victim to a trip to the vet, a managers meeting, and then a full schedule.
The last little tree I got from Home Depot (did I mention they are free?) was planted on my old farm. It actually made it over the winter, but, sadly, meet a horrible fate at the blades of a lawn mower. He said it was an accident. I didn't buy it. He (the ex) is a wonderful gardener, and prides himself in lovely, colorful beds. He always plants trees well on there way to maturity. I, however, am a nurturer. I LOVE getting the little thing, barely making a print on the earth, and rejoice in watching it take root and grow! I also give the little buggers room to spread. Maybe that was the problem. Or maybe he didn't like me that particular day. At any rate, I planted it by the chicken coop ( I also had chickens that I let free range in all those glorious flower beds... hmmm.). I thought it had plenty of room, and I thought it was in far enough off the grass. Well, we all know the fate of Pinus Something or other. Oh, and the fate of the chickens that I thoughtfully ordered from MurrayMcMurray hatchery? Well, lets just say I was told they were "given away" to a farm family. I totally doubt they lived out their lives in a large chicken coop with east facing windows, and crazily planted "needs some T.L.C." plants from the nursery to look out at.
At any rate, thank you Home Depot for nurturing our dreams of a tree filled world, one that produces oxygen and absorbs CO2!
Happy Earth Day everyone!