Monday, September 15, 2014

Well it's September 15th, and summer is unofficially over. I welcome the autumn season! Around here, that means doing a big house cleaning before I pull out the rugs. Rugs go away in late spring to get cleaned and put away during the warmer days of summer, when the windows open up and let fresh air in, and the morning air cools the old hardwood floors. In colder months it's always nice to put your feet on something warm. I've learned a lot in the garden this year. I learned that amending the soil with organic dirt means a bumper crop of tomatoes. On the subject of tomatoes, give them lots of room to grow! They like stretching their limbs and expanding. I've also learned that adding some new chickens to an established group takes a little time. I learned to add the newbies at night, around 11 p.m. to confuse the older "ladies". I also learned what pecking order really means. Ouch! The ladies continue to lay delicious eggs. Actually, enough to give away to friends and neighbors. I've also learned about rabbits. Did you know that momma rabbits only feed their young twice a day? Not good when there is a late bunch born, and it is cold. Our rabbit had babies (kits) and as a result, we are hand rearing the sole survivor. He/she looks just like momma. And he is doing well! So, as you can deduce from my post, it was a year of learning about the garden and urban homesteading. I look forward to next year, using my composted chicken/rabbit/tea/etc. compost to make an even more tasty garden next year! And who knows, maybe even make that raised garden bed I was meaning to make this past year!