Wednesday, September 7, 2011

They say fall (autumn) is like our second spring. The trees will be ablaze with color, and some bushes and shrubs as well.
Fall is also a time when our kids go back to school. Mine had her first day yesterday. She was all dressed up, a little nervous, but mostly excited to start kindergarten. As her little hand left mine and took the teachers and they walked into the classroom, I felt she is growing up and there is no slowing down time. I also cried a bit as the door slowly closed behind them.
I wonder how it is going to be as she grows- will she still reach for my hand as we walk down the street? Will she still randomly say "I love you daddy"? Will she still want to come into my bedroom when there is a thunder storm (God I hope so!!)? I guess the passing of the years will tell. I am hopeful that even when she's 30 she'll reach over, hold my hand, and tell me she loves me.