Thursday, September 5, 2013

OK. I'm doing it. I'm cleaning out Olivia's old bedroom here at the house (she's since moved into a larger room). At first I was sooo excited to get the room cleared out to make room for a home office. Then I started cleaning off her old dresser. And I noticed, again, her attempt to beautify her dresser with some stickers and hand paint. I started feeling bad about wiping off the paint. So, I stopped. I rolled up the rug that kept her little feet warm when she got out of bed in the morning, so she wouldn't have to put them on the cool hard wood floor. I noticed that her cat had scratched up pieces of it, and as I rolled, little sparkles fell off as did little plastic hearts, beads... Next step was to take down the hanging butterflies. Oh, this was getting hard! As I was taking them off the wall and the ones hanging from the ceiling, I'm realizing that my little girl is growing up. She no longer wants the carpet, the butterflies, the dresser. UGH! It is such a wonderful experience watching a child grow, but times like this make me feel nostalgic and want to put on the brakes! And those darn whimsical butterflies... well, they may make an appearance in her new bedroom. Just because dad says so.