Thursday, May 26, 2011

My little girl is turning 5 this weekend. I can vividly remember when I first saw her- she was swaddled nice and tight in the nursery at the hospital. As I looked through the glass, it finally hit me that this is REALLY happening. Probably all my life I knew I wanted to have kids, and at that moment my hopes and dreams were in the shape of a little 8 pound girl. And when I held her for the first time, gave her that bottle in the hospital, I knew that the decision was the best one I've ever made.
Now she's going to be five- FIVE! I asked her tonight in a break from our playing what happened to the little baby from 5 years ago, and she said with a shrug, "I growed up"!
The first 5 years have literally flown by. So much happens from birth to one, one to two, two to three and so on. Each milestone is met with awe. Each laugh goes straight to my heart, each boo-boo kissed (and neo-sporined), and each mouth full of food she eats makes me happy (silly, I know!).
So, my little girl, here's to you turning 5! And here's to our time together, too- time that has proven to be the most cherished time for me in my life!
I love you so much!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Thoughts of home

There is so much more than four walls and a ceiling to a home. It's also more than a place to go for shelter.
It is where so much life happens. It's where your kids play with their toys. It's where your pets chase each other across the floor. It's where you cook, sleep, clean, laugh, cry, dream and hope. And mostly love.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

It has been one of those days that I found myself reflecting on my immediate life.
Why? Because I am happy. Sure, I could use more money, and would be great if I got all that I've lent out back. Promises promises, right??!
But I can't help but smile.
I love my family (including my boyfriend in that statement!), my home, my goofydoodle Dixon.
After school today, we came home and played outside with her flying horses. Mine chased hers, hers knocked mine out of the sky (!). Then we had a simple dinner and decided to go to the park.
I chased her as I usually do, around the playground. Caught her as she came down the slide backwards. "Daddy, don't forget to catch me!"
Lots of laughing, lots of smiles- like a good, warm spring day should be.
On the walk back she asked if I could carry her. I asked if she wanted to ride on my shoulders (always the best for the back!), and she said no, to hold her. So I picked her up and she wrapped her arms around my neck and said in a tired voice she loves me. That made the ache go away, the walk go a little faster, and my heart swell even more.
It's no wonder I am happy!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Mom's Day

Mothers Day!
If I were a person who designed cards for a living and needed to come up with one that embodied what my mom means to me, I think it would be the largest card EVER!
Some words to describe her would be:
Wound healer (both physical and emotional)
Role model
Wonder woman
Enabler of our dreams
Awesome grandmother, awesome mother
Very giving
Selfless for her children

So, as I am sitting here in my office at work writing this and getting all teary eyed, I'm also laughing, because as a card writer, how in the heck would you make that all rhyme?!?!
So, Happy Mothers Day, MOM!!! I love you, Olivia loves you, and I can speak for all my siblings, WE ALL LOVE YOU!!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

I had a few hours yesterday to myself and decided to take Dixon, our puppy, to the dog beach.
We got there, and he was so excited! He bounced around before taking off to meet new friends.
Now there were big dogs, little dogs, hairy dogs, skinny dogs, fat dogs- dogs of all varieties!
Dixon, in his floppy puppy self doesn't discriminate against any dog- any is fair game for a potential play buddy!
One dog in particular wouldn't leave him alone- it was some sort of chihuahua mix that was barking, snarling, jumping all over him. This happened for half the length of the park. The owner tried getting him, but he was more interested in antagonizing Dixon. Through the whole experience, Dixon didn't flinch. He tried engaging the dog in play, but the other dog wouldn't have it. Dixon would run up to another dog to play with the little guy bounding at him- Dixon just let that dog do what that dog wanted to do. So me, the guy who tries finding meaning in events that happen around me, came up with this: I should be more like Dixon!
He knows what he wants: play. Someone tries to squish his plans, and annoyingly so: but he continues his quest for play. How cool would that be if we had our eyes on what we want and not let the annoying people who don't want us to achieve our goals get to us? And more importantly, realize that sometimes it is us who are afraid of reaching our goals and sabotage what we want.
So I am not going to let the chihuahua mixes get in the way of keeping my goals!
Thanks, Dixon, for the lesson!